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First Review for June. My thoughts on Shattered Pieces by Ashley Rose.


Shattered Pieces

Ashley Rose

  • Publisher Amazon
  • Pages 148
  • Average Rating 4.8 / 5


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Shattered Pieces is a debut collection of poetry by Ashley Rose, and focuses on love, and heartbreak. It’s a reflective book. Ashley shares her fears in loving somebody that could hurt her. Ultimately that’s what love is, letting somebody in, and trusting that they won’t hurt you. This is a theme throughout the book, and it doesn’t just apply to Ashley, but her partner too.

‘you let me into your life

you let me into your heart,

so why not let me in your mind

introduce me to all of your demons

show me the darkest corners

I’m not just here for the good

I don’t just love you for your light,’

As if one is seeking assurances from the other. You get the feeling that Ashley’s partner was as cautious to love as well. That in this relationship between the two it was mutually difficult to risk their heart.

I like how the poems illustrate now easy love can be, so naturally a person can fit into our lives. At the start of Shattered Pieces it is very romantic with some of the things I think we all experience of love; the distance, the into the early hours conversations, and talk of the future.

‘i see us sitting, hand in hand

i see you, and me, and our future

you’re my forever,’

There is a turn in tone of the poems, as a distance grows between the narrator, and their partner, uncertainty opening a gap between them. The metaphors are atmospheric, of beds, and blankets, used to great effect, as the relationship comes to an unexpected end.

‘i was so good being on my own

i never needed anyone, never wanted anyone

i was content with the life i had,’

The vulnerability, the inevitability, of Ashley’s words are gut wrenching, and I could really relate to the words from my own experiences to the asking why, broken promises, and having a best friend that is no longer there.

These are not just pretty words in this book; there is a depth, and the characteristic little details, in dates, photos, stars, and feathers. There is freedom in the way Ashley expresses her thoughts, playing with form, and using the whole page to her advantage, exploring a romantic relationship from the loving, the heartbreak, the pain of being left for someone else, letting go, and the aftermath. Shattered Pieces has a great maturity as well, in accepting what has happened, acknowledging the love they shared, and honest with her mistakes too.

I have read as well Ashley’s chapbook Our Own Battles and she has a voice that I find is engaging, I want to read more of her poetry, I love what she has to say.

I want to add that it is so refreshing to read a poetry collection by a Sapphic writer. I didn’t even know a f/f narrative was what I needed until I read Shattered Pieces, and could identify with it.

‘our love was like the ocean

and i think that’s why

missing you comes in waves,’

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