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The Writers Self-Doubt has crept in.

Writers, we all experience them, don’t we?


In my morning social media scroll I notice poets post snippets of their writing in a perfect aesthetic style on their social media platform and I feel jealous!

Because I don’t have anything meaningful to share, or at least something that will interest people. This is my problem. I have become caught up in everybody has writing that says it better, is important, and thinking everyone else is enjoying success while I struggle.

I am working on three chapbooks, and a couple of full length books of poetry. I am finding it difficult to put pen to paper. In part because the subjects of the poems will draw a lot out of me emotionally, and also because everyone else writes it better, so why should I bother? I tell myself it will never be good enough, be marketable, etc.

This does all tie in with my anxiety, depression, and chronic low self-esteem. The miserable weather in the UK doesn’t help either. It can seriously dampen the mood. No wonder I’m thinking of moving country to Portugal! SAD takes at least six months of productivity out of my year.

We do have to argue about three things here. One, who is everybody? The only person who matters here is your self and what you are happy with. You set the pace here. Two, we all have a story. A lifetime of experiences, good and bad. Writing is a healer, whether we write alone, or collaboratively, writing first has to be a private occasion between you and your thoughts.

And finally, I don’t subscribe to the view that we need to be posting everyday. I notice writers put their social media output before writing, and even before their health. They suffer from burnout, and have to take a break. I’m confident if you take a break Friday to Sunday your blog, or author platform, won’t have tumbleweed rolling through it come Monday. I think that’s the problem with social media. We are so connected we feel unconnecting will be like dropping off a cliff. It enables us to work from anywhere, so no wonder people are taking work home, because our phones are always with us. We need to set some boundaries.

Social media is a very small part of our world.

If you would like to share your tales of writing woe, or triumph, in the comments, feel free. Or if you have tips to beating the writers self-doubt do share!

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4 thoughts on “The Writers Self-Doubt has crept in.”

  1. Katie, we as writers do all suffer from self doubt, and I know how debilitating it can be. I have recently been buried under the weight of rejections and feeling as if I am a fraud, as if I have nothing to offer. It took some other writer friends to talk me out from under the rock, which I think we all need sometimes. When I reemerge, I can go back to understanding that the writing is what is important and that we all have such different voices and stories and experiences, that all have value and are beautiful. I truly believe this, even though there are forces within me that, too often, come to play dirty with my mind and heart. I have a writer and editor friend who told me recently how important it is to celebrate the successes, to give them the weight they deserve so they can help you stay above ground when the demons come out. What we do it hard. Being a writer is so damn hard. Thankfully we can look to each other for the kind of support and understanding that can only come from other artists.

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    1. Yes, the writing community is wonderful. I’m sorry to hear you’ve been going through it recently. Everything eventually comes full cycle. All you can do really is keep writing. That is what is important. And I do agree celebrating success is key to battling the storms of doubt when they arrive! Thank you for your comment 💙

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