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I have been reading my usual poetry, and memoirs, this week so am going to be reading two completely different books this weekend.

Spooning Leads to Forking is a coming-of-age story about two teenage boys, Dylan and Michael, who are attempting to figure out their attraction to one another and happen to fall in love along the way. They explore their sexuality together through a series of games until they push their competition too far one day, and their game turns deadly. The boys battle their own misconceptions about what it means to be gay while living in a small town community where gossip is the local currency and their families have their own set of issues. Despite the challenges, they discover love through humor, family, mistakes and, ultimately, forgiveness.

Isabel Wixon is weird. Not only does she see dead things, but her list of friends consists of a talkative ventriloquist’s dummy and the gentlemanly spider that lives in her hair. Real friends? Too hard. Inventing friends is much easier.
Inventing the Boatman—a terrible monster that lures kids into a strange sleeping sickness and never lets them go—probably wasn’t one of her better ideas though.

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