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New Week : Portugal, Book Mail, Four Questions with & #sabawards18

Portugal : My happy place.

Here’s some recent book mail. A Restricted View from under the Hedge from Hedgehog poetry, with poems, reviews, and interviews. As well as prints & a pin badge. Snazzy.

I’m working on my next few poetry chapbooks

(Pray for me🙏) One of which will have a nautical theme. The other with the theme of soft, and what does it mean to be soft. What are YOUR interpretations of soft?

Don’t forget to check out my Four Questions with blog feature interviews with fellow poets.

Do vote for anthology Please Hear What I’m not Saying edited by Isabelle Kenyon in the Saboteur Awards. The writing is centred around mental health subjects, and all of the money raised from sales of the book will go to mental health charity Mind. Winning the award will help give the book a boost, hopefully more sales, and support those who suffer with mental health problems. The anthology is available to buy on Amazon, in Kindle, and print formats.

Jennae Cecelia

I am unable to work, because of health problems, and I do not own a computer, or laptop, so rely on Wi-Fi hotspots in coffee shops to be able to blog, market my books from, and network.

If anyone reading this did opt to buy me a coffee then it would be greatly appreciated.

Buy Me a Coffee at


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