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My Thoughts on Dreams you thought were Lost By @GalyaVarna

Publisher Bulgara Magica Press

Pages 112 pages

Release Date March 1st 2018

Average Rating 5.0 / 5.0 🌟

Available on KU

Galya Varna is a poet, book reviewer and visual artist. Born in Varna, the summer capital of Bulgaria, on the Black Sea Coast, Galya Varna now lives in Greece, on the coast of the Aegean Sea. Galya Varna holds a MA in English literature and linguistics and language acquisition is another passion of hers. She has been writing poetry, short stories and plays for many years and “Dreams You Thought Were Lost” is her first poetry book. Galya Varna is the driving force behind the new creative project WeArtFriends ( and the bimonthly online magazine Doorway to Art ( You can contact her on: Twitter @GalyaVarna Blog Facebook Website

Dreams you thought were Lost offers insights into our magical world, if we cared to notice any of it, and is split into eight chapters. Melancholy at times, thoughtful at others, there is much to enjoy in this book. Varna speaks of her own experiences, and shares her thoughts, such as in The Absence of Water,

‘the absence of water
in the old well
makes me think
of the level
of living,’

There seems nothing left unexplored in Varna’s poetry collection, from nature, to fears of the future, and writing journeys. Varna uses exclamation marks in a few of her poems to great effect. Some of the poems are perhaps not as accomplished as others, but it seems that Varna has made a successful attempt to snapshot parts of our world, and sift though those snapshots to decide which she puts into words to weave into a wonderful canvas of poems.

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