Four Questions With …




It is Poetry Month in April! I personally believe poetry is for every month (it is for me) but where there’s a bandwagon and all that.

Four questions is my aim to feature as many poets as I can possibly get on this blog during the next four weeks, and perhaps beyond that.

Thanks goes to the writers for answering my questions.  I appreciate them taking the time to do so, and I do hope that you enjoy the insights into their writing lives as much as I did. The majority of the writers here are self-published,  or published by a small press, and need a little *extra* help in the marketing department,  as we don’t have the budget, or staff, that enormous publishers do to get the word out about our words. Word of mouth is a marvellous thing for us indies.


I do hope you will find a new found love for a poet, or even poetry itself if you think that poetry isn’t for you, while reading these Q&As.

Please do use the share buttons, and help spread the love for poetry.

Thank you!

Writers featured so far

Sam Rose  


editor of the Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine & author of Empowerthy.


Ashly Kim



author of Wayward Daughters.

Anne Chivon



author of Cottontail Games : Monsters & Lovers.

Nicholas Trandahl 

One of my favourite contemporary poets

author of Think of Me.

Melissa Jennings 


author of The Body Remembers.

Scarlett Ward


Host of Cafe Del Nino Poetry Nights.

Kailey Tedesco 


author of She used to be on a Milk Carton.

Natasha Head

nothing lefttolosecover


author of Nothing left to Lose.


Hannah Cohen 


author of Bad Anatomy.

James Diaz 


author of This Someone I Call Stranger.


Laura Ashley Laraque 


author of Table for One.

Kat Lehmann

Avi with two books - March2018

author of Moon full of Moons and Small Stones from the River.


Jennifer Lagier 


author of Like a B Movie.

Galya Varna

3 D ad.jpg

author of Dreams you Thought were Lost.


Jasmine Smith 


author of ;Recovery and Painful Broken Sunshine.

Justin Karcher 

Those Who Favor Fire, Those Who Pray to Fire.jpeg

author of Tailgating at the Gates of Hell, When Severed Ears sing you Songs, Just Because you’ve been Hospitalized for Depression Doesn’t mean you are Kayne West, and Those who Favour Fire those who Pray to Fire

Ashley Rose


author of Shattered Pieces and Our Own Battles.

Christina Hart


author of There is Beauty in the Bleeding.

Lucy A. Evans


author of Sublingual.

D.E. Kerr


author of Carnival Games.

Isabelle Kenyon


author of This is not a Spectacle, and Digging Holes to another Continent.

Priscilla McGreer 


author of Confessions of a Self-Loathing Narcissist.

Linda M. Crate


author of My Wings were made to Fly.

Leila Tualla


author of  Storm of Hope.

Patricia Fustenberg 


author of As Good as Gold.

Joanna Valente 


author of Sexting with Ghosts.

Sophie Bowns


author of Kith and Kin



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