One of my lighter reads, Popcorn is a chapbook of food themed humorous poems. Just .99 for the Kindle edition.




Hotel Life is a series of poems that tell a narrative of movement. A narrative of watching the world and its people move through our lives. A moment of longing. 

‘This is definitely a chapbook I’ll be coming back to. It’s confusing and disorienting and almost easy to understand, but not quite either – tantalizingly so. In short, I love it. I wish it was a little longer, so that the arc downwards was a little more elegant, but it’s very much a stream-of-consciousness and telling a story. The story itself is a little obscured, but the emotions shine through, and I can grasp the large shapes and feelings of things, following how to feel without understanding the exact mechanics. It’s very artfully done in that way.
E. Dunstan https://wellreadbymoonlight.tumblr.com

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Or a signed copy directly from me. UK Six pounds Everywhere else Eight pounds (inc.P+P) with your address.


Hotel Life.